‘’ How Organizational Behaviour Can Help Managers Solve Problems at Individual Level of Analysis’’

Topics: Organization, Motivation, Productivity Pages: 6 (2024 words) Published: April 14, 2013
What Organizational Behaviour is?1
Different Elements of Organizational Behaviour1
4.Social System1
Models of Organization Behaviour1
1.Autocratic Model1
2.Supportive Model2
3.Custodial Model2
4.The Collegial Model2
5.The System Model2
Managerial Duties in OB2
Organizational Behaviour and Productivity3
Reduction of Absenteeism3
How Organizational Behaviour helps to reduce Turnover3
OB and Motivation3
Problems at Individual level of analysis4

In the following project I’m going to explain how Organizational Behaviour helps the manager to solve practical problems at the individual level of analysis. To explain it we have to explain what Organizational Behaviour is. We will also have a look at Individual Level of Analysis and its problems. What Organizational Behaviour is?

Organizational Behaviour (also called OB) is the study and careful application of knowledge of how people- individual or groups acts within the organization. Its purpose is to build better relationships within the organization by achieving human, organizational and social objectives. Different Elements of Organizational Behaviour

There are 4 elements or forces of Organizational Behaviour. They are as follows: 1. People- This is very important element because organizations are made up of people. They consist of individuals or groups. Groups can be small, medium or big. Formal and informal. Human organization changes every day. People are also a key in a way to achieve organization’s goals and objectives. 2. Technology- It can make the work of employees much easier. In these times it is very hard to do anything with bare hands. By using technology employees work can become much easier and also it can improve the organization’s performance. 3. Structure- Structure defines the formal relationship and the use of people within the organization. People involved in the organization are assigned to different roles and they have different relationships with others. Those people have to be related in some structural way in order to work efficiently. 4. Social System- Social system is an external environment in which organization operates. This environment is a part of the whole. It is because single organization cannot provide everything for everyone. That is why all organizations influence each other in different ways. Models of Organization Behaviour

Except elements of OB there are also different models of Organizational Behaviour. 1. Autocratic Model
In this model there are no managers. All the orders are given to the employees by the boss. The employee need that is met is subsistence and therefore the performance result is minimal. In this model most of employees are getting only the lowest wages because they are not motivated enough and therefore performance is very low. The only employees that may be motivated and have high performance are these which are very similar to their bosses and want to be like them. 2. Supportive Model

The basis of this model is leadership with a managerial support. Managers support their employees at work and therefore employees have opportunity to grow and improve their skills. They are also much more motivated because the atmosphere in the work place is much friendlier than in the Autocratic Model. 3. Custodial Model

Custodial Model is mainly depended on the economic resources of the organization. Managers are mainly focused to pay wages and provide benefits for its employees. The custodial approach makes employees be depended on the organization they are working in. If a company does not have enough money to provide good wages and benefits for its workforce it cannot follow the Custodial Model. 4. The Collegial Model

The Collegial Model can be used to extent the Supportive Model. “Collegial” relates to a group of people that work together...
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