Анализ Текста

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Учебно-методические материалы
для студентов IV-V курсов
факультета иностранных языков
(английское отделение)

Бочарникова Н.В.
Деревянская В.В.
Ярмахова Е.А.

This booklet offers some information on how to do the analysis of a piece of fiction – the sort of work you have to deal with at your state exam. This interpretation is an oral composition, a matter of personal perception and should be original and logical. Why do we do the interpretation? This is what your major – Philology – presupposes you should know how to do. You are linguists. So, interpreting things – accounting for facts and explaining reasons and inner motives – is what you master best. You are expected to reveal a certain level of philological and cultural awareness as well as adequate grammatical and lexical response. You have to combine conceptual interpretation with stylistic analysis and keep it in mind that the stylistic interpretation comes as support to the conceptual analysis. We want you to be original and creative and we are sure that by the end of your fifth year you will have become very skillful and artistic. Just remember that to be “interpretationally” proficient you have to love what you are doing and think very positively about it.

So, the basic structure of the interpretation is the traditional one: Introduction.
Interpretation body.
I. INTRODUCTION First, introduce your listener to the story you have read. If you know this author and like (dislike) his/her writing, you may as well say it. You may also mention the facts of his biography relevant for his creative activities; the epoch (historical and social background); the literary trend he belongs to; the main literary pieces. But if you don’t know anything about the writer, don’t say that. The author may be someone very famous and known to everybody but you. It doesn’t sound good when a student says something like “The author of the story is K.Mansfield, unfortunately, the name is unknown to me, I don’t know anything about this writer but I’m going to read more stories written by him ( and K.Mansfield is a SHE)”. Examples:

…I’d say it’s a typical story by C.P.Snow who turns out to be a great master of psychological analysis and literary presentation of the results of this analysis. The story only proves what I’ve always thought of him.

The text under analysis is an extract from the short story “...” by Richard Gordon. His most famous “Doctor” series are noted for witty description of a medical student’s years of studying.
Define the type of the story. It may belong to a psychological type because it is concerned mainly with the mental and emotional lives of the characters. The majority of stories given to you for analysis, no matter what socially or politically important problems they tackle, deal with a human relationship aspect of life. A story is most likely to be a relationship kind. You might also want to say about the philosophical side of the story. Does the author give any generalising statements that could be treated as his philosophy revealing? According to the genre, a text can present a realistic story, a detective story, a drama, a historical novel, etc. You may also say whether the story under consideration is narration interlaced with descriptive passages and dialogues of the characters; narration broken by digressions (philosophical, psychological, lyrical, etc); an account of events interwoven with a humorous (ironical, satirical) portrayal of society, or the personage, etc. Examples:

This is a philosophical story for a discerning reader who has to read between the lines. Giving the reader a chance to see somebody else’s inner life, presented directly and indirectly, the author at the same time does not provide...
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