Ülker Kellogg

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Ülker Kellogg

Ulker who owns the most largest distribution network in Turkey, lays the foundations of this success in 1960's. Ulker applies direct selling for her distribution (place) strategy.Ulker uses vertical marketing integraton. As another advantage of Ülker is she uses her own distribution fleet instead of forcing craft to go to the wholesalers and buy her products. By means of this, not also she helps the craft but also she makes sure that her products are reached to the consumers fresh. Moreover, the products are distributed to the crafts by not taking extra cost of transportation. Ulker who owns 220.000 different points, reaches to 200.000 points at least once a week with 5.000 vehicle fleet. Furthermore, as “placing strategy” is very important for Ülker, she also opened her own stores named “Ülker Shop”. Currently, Ülker who is exporting her products to 110 countries, establishes her exportation strategy on filling the gaps in the foreign markets by on-premises production. Last of all, although Ülker's strategy is distributing the products under the brand name of “Ülker”, she sometimes helps other companies because of their economic conditions. Ülker is vailable in grocery stores, markets, online stores, retail shops/warehouses or distributors.


Nestle, who uses direct selling method, owns 100.000 distribution channels. One of the subjects of Nestle's “Professional Distribution Agreement”is constructing a distribution network between the manufacturer factory, distributor and other consumption points of sale. Furthermore, Nestle establishes environmental objectives, monitors progress, checks results and defines future actions. This activity, carried out by Nestlé specialists, ensures the continuous improvement of environmental performance throughout the supply chain, from producing and purchasing of raw materials, to manufacturing, packaging, distribution and finally to the consumer. In Turkey, Nestle has the second largest...
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