'You've Got To Be Kidding Me'

Topics: Public transport, Emotion, Bench Pages: 2 (633 words) Published: January 21, 2014
Perseverance In My Life – ‘You’ve Got To Be Kidding Me’

It was a Monday morning like any other, cold, and the little light that was present squeezing its way through the sky’s grey veil. It was on these bitter twilight mornings that I apprehensively pulled my half-asleep body out from my overwhelmingly warm and comfortable bed. Leaving the house, late as per usual, I took the normal route through the park on my now daily routine journey to college. The 15-minute walk turned out to be a 10-minute walk as I was able to pick up the pace to reach the station before my train left. As I approached the station, I remember myself realising ‘Wow I’m actually on time today.’ But my fortunes were short lived; just as I reach the top of the station steps I read on the sign, clear as day, ‘Train delays.’ Typical. The one day that I arrive on time and the trains have massive delays. The train time was re-established for over an hour later than it should have been; but my lesson was in 20 minutes. ‘What do I do?’ I pondered, contemplating my to-be ill fate that would face me if I were to arrive to my history class late, the teacher cornering me with whatever dark punishment they had in store; heaven forbid the thought. ‘Wait, I know, the bus!’ Running to the bus stop that goes to my college, praying that there’ll be a conveniently placed bus awaiting my gracious arrival. But no, awaiting me at the bus stop was a sight of the bus driving into the distance; it’s red rear taunting me like an exceedingly evil villain. ‘You’ve got to be kidding me,’ feeling as though my frustration would erupt at any moment, I sat myself on the bench to reflect on the situation. ‘Maybe I should just accept the circumstances,’ I felt powerless, as if there’s nothing I could do. Slowly the foresight of me being stuck in my history teacher’s mental dungeon started to linger into my head; the thought alone pulled me straight off the bench, I knew at that precise moment that I had to get to college....
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