'of Mice and Men' Essay (Discussing Relationships of Crooks

Topics: Of Mice and Men, John Steinbeck, Racial segregation Pages: 2 (610 words) Published: April 18, 2013
Explore the relationships Crooks has with other vulnerable characters in ‘Of Mice and Men’. The novella ‘Of Mice and Men’ was written by John Steinback in the 1920s however it was published in the 1930s; At the time America was at a state where coloured people were treated harshly. Also racism and etc was involved at the time. In this novella Crooks is represented as a black worker who’s treated different from everyone and has no relationships. Crooks is also used as a tool for Steinback to highlight how bad racism was and how people were treated. In section 4 when he is first presented with no relationships. Crooks relationships with others when first presented are negative, the quote , “Crooks the negro stable buck had his bunk in the harness room a little shed that leaned of the wall of the barn”, shows that Crooks is segregated form the rest of the barn also by using the word ‘negro’ shows the racism at the time in America. The word ‘little shed’ implies that Crooks is a tool that is kept in a shed or he is an animal who is kept in a small shed away from the workers leaned of the barn. In section 4 Crooks says ‘Mr Slim’ this shows us that he has a subservient position. This quote shows us they only view him as a black man and not as an individual. This also supports that he was classed as a second class citizen therefore shows that he has to speak to him with respect but crooks does not have to be shown any respect by the others. Crooks takes advantage of a more vulnerable character the quote, “His voice grew soft and persuasive. S’pose George don’t come back no more.”, shows he is taking advantage of a more vulnerable character when George is not present in the room. This implies that he is taking revenge of what the other workers have treated him like, so he is trying to take pleasure by being cruel to Lennie. The phrase ‘soft and persuasive’ suggests that he is saying it in this way so Lennie feels he is telling the truth. Crooks begins to enjoy being in...
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