The Crucible


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1. How long has Reverend Parris been the minister in Salem?

a) 5 years

b) 3 years

c) only a few months

d) the play never specifies how long

2. Where did Reverend Parris meet his Negro slave, Tituba?

a) Cuba

b) New Orleans

c) Barbados

d) North Carolina

3.Abigail Williams is Reverend Parris’s:

a) daughter

b) servant

c) cousin

d) niece

4. Which of the following occurred the night Reverend Parris caught the girls dancing in the forest?

a) Tituba attempted to conjure the spirits of Ann Putnam’s babies

b) Abigail tried to curse Elizabeth Proctor

c) Mercy Lewis was seen dancing naked

d) all of the above

5. What is Reverend Parris’s initial response to rumors of witchcraft?

a) he wants to investigate them thoroughly

b) he suspects John Proctor is behind it all

c) he fears the rumors will hurt his reputation

d) he calmly waits for Reverend Hale to arrive

6. Who is Reverend Hale?

a) Reverend Parris’s supervisor in Salem

b) the minister in the town of Beverly

c) an expert in the demonic arts

d) both b and c

7. Who is the first to suggest that Sarah Good is a witch?

a) Thomas Putnam

b) Reverend Parris

c) Reverend Hale

d) Abigail Williams

8. Where was Abigail Williams working whenshe had an affair with John Proctor?

a) as an assistant to Reverend Parris

b) as a waitress in a local café

c) as the Proctors’ servant

d) the play never specifies

9. What offspring do John and Elizabeth Proctor have?


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