S.P.O.T.T.T.S. Anylasis of "Introduction to Poery"

Topics: Meaning of life, Literature, Poetry Pages: 1 (352 words) Published: October 1, 2012
“Introduction to Poetry” Billy Collins S-SubjectPoetry P-ParaphraseThe poem, “Introduction to Poetry”, by Billy Collins, begins by comparing a poem to a color slide and says that to understand it, you must “listen” to it’s sound. He paints a picture of a mouse finding it’s way through the maze that is the poem, and you groping through the poem’s room to find the light switch (the light switch indicating understanding). Collins says that to discover meaning, you must water ski across a poem, or have fun with it, be whimsical and acknowledge the author. Although most people (they) want to beat the answer and comprehension out of a poem, to get a profession of it’s meaning. O-OccasionIn the poem, it would seem that this could be taking place just about anywhere. The author creates relatable imagery throughout. So it’s happening out on a lake, or in a dark ambiguous room ect. T-Title“Introduction to poetry”, the reason he chose the title is very obvious. The point of Collins when he wrote this, was to show someone how to read poetry to understand it. Therefore; “Introduction to poetry”. T-ToneExcited, compelling & frustrated. T-ThemeCollins is centralizing his poem on the idea that to truly find definite meaning in a poem, you mustn’t just skim the surface. You must actually have fun and explore the poem itself. S-SpeakerIn this poem, Collins portrays an English teacher who is preaching to his/hers students to analyze poetry. It is written in first person form. CommentaryIn the poem, “Introduction to...
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