A&P Airframe Oral Exam

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Airframe O&P (partial)
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An owner desires to use a progressive inspection program. To whom does the owner apply for authorization? At what time would a check of a landing gear warning system normally be made? In what significant way is a vapor-cycle cooling system different from an air-cycle system? What 2 types of organic fibers are used for covering aircraft? What action must be taken when an oxygen system has been open to the atmosphere? What could cause an AC electric motor to run too slowly? What device provides the principle means of controlling cabin pressure? What is the function of zincchromate or wash primers?

To the FAA FSDO having jurisdictions over the area where the owner is located During a landing gear retraction test Vapor-cycle systems use a refrigerant liquid, usually Freon. Cotton & Linen the system must be purged of any moisture.


What is the name of the unit that prevents a nose wheel from vibrating or oscillating? What is the power source for an ELT? What is the preferred method for welding aluminum? What is the preferred method for welding magnesium? What is the principal advantage of the enveloope method for covering wings? What is the proper length for a bonding jumper? What is the proper thinner to use with zincchromate primer? What is the purpose of a bonding jumper from a radio shock mount to the airframe? What is the purpose of a debooster?

A shimmy damper


An internal battery Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG)





Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG)




Almost all the seams are machine-sewed by the envelope supplier As short as possible, but long enough to allow free movement of the component Toluene



Lack of lubrication, defective wiring, or low applied voltage The outflow valve.





Primers serve to inhibit corrosion and provide a good band between the metal and the topcoats. Reinforcing tape is used between the fabric and the rib stitching to prevent the lacing cord from cutting through the fabric Corrosion

To provide a low-impedance ground return.



What is the function or purpose of reinforcing tape?

To reduce hydraulic system high pressure to a lower value for more satisfactory brake action. To indicate if the glass has moved, which could cause incorrect range markings painted on the glass To keep the wheel in alignment and prevent the piston from coming out of the cylinder. To show, by means of warning light, that some system parameter requires attention by the flight crew The gas prevents atmospheric oxygen and/or nitrogen from contaminating the weld The flux cleans the base metal by removing any oxide film. It prevents the fabric from unraveling


what is the purpose of a slippage mark on an instrument glass? What is the purpose of a torque link on an oleo strut? What is the purpose of an annunciator system


What is the major type of damage to aluminum structures that is caused by exposure to the weather? What is the maximum number of terminal lugs that can be placed on a single terminal strip stud? What is the meaning of a yellow arc on an aircraft instrument? What is the name of the effect that causes a gyro to respond to an applied force at a point 90 degrees further in the direction of rotation?





A caution or limited flight operating range Gyroscopic precession



What is the purpose of shielding an arc weld with an inert gas? What is the purpose of the flux used with brazing or silver soldering? What is the purpose of the selvage edge on a roll of fabric?




What is the purpose of the selvage edge on a roll of fabric? What is the reason for "swinging" a compass and how is it accomplished?

It prevents the fabric from unraveling. To compensate for deviations, cause by magnetic fields in the aircraft by adjusting the compensating magnets. The...
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