a street car named desire

Topics: A Streetcar Named Desire, Elysian Fields, Texas, Blanche DuBois Pages: 3 (1422 words) Published: May 26, 2014
A Street Car Named Desire Questions

1. Williams’ first title for the play is “Poker Night.” Compare the former title with the present one, “A Street Car Named Desire”, and discuss what the present title suggests. The play's title a street car can take you to places, which is a metaphor for transformation. Desire too can change you. A street car is impersonal and open to the public…but desire is private, creating a tension. Those tensions all come together in Blanche's character. She desires, and wants to be desired, but not in a private way. Rather, there will always be someone else along to desire Blanche. It is also relatively low class, representing Stanley and Stella's level of living. A慾望號街車”,本標題所暗示的。


2. There are several important themes explored in the play. How many you can find? Focus on one of them and discuss? Three themes are very prominent throughout the play:
· Desire and Fate
· Death
· Madness
Desire and Fate:
A streetcar running directly to its destination on a predetermined course could easily be seen as a symbol of fate. For Williams, however, the streetcar’s destination, ‘Desire’, spoke more than an undefined force of fate. This force clearly drives Blanche, her sexual passion and desire overwhelms her at moments in the play, we see her clearly driven by forces more powerful than her. She acknowledges Stanley’s masculinity and animal passion from the onset of her visit. She openly flirts with him and teases (not necessarily in a sexual way always, but she often seeks a reaction or attention) him as the play develops. The idea that Williams is trying to convey seems to be that to be drive by desire is self destructive, yet the victims of an overpowering passion are carried along helplessly, unable to escape. Blanche’s fate is preordained. When...
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