A Homemade Education Analysis

Topics: 229, Adlai Stevenson, Malcolm X Pages: 2 (631 words) Published: October 8, 2012
In “A Homemade Education”, by Malcolm X, the intended audience is any individual, primarily from the minority groups. Malcolm X states that how is one to “get civil rights before first he wins his human rights (X 233)?” This pieces main purpose is to persuade the reader to dive in a mind set of an “Austrian monk (X 230).” An individual who can apply his understanding in reality, with hopes of acquiring piece and prosperity. Being locked in prison was his best bet, as an “articulate hustler (X 227)” changed to a noted political activist under the teachings of Mr.. Muhammad. 1)Quotes were wildly used from various activists in the past illustrating the key mindset against the “Englishman (X 233).” An ancient Chinese war cry was referenced, as “kill the foreign white devils (X 232)” aided in presenting a common message. This strategy fit the audience because all acts from the Englishman were directed towards the “non-white man (X 231).” As U.N Ambassador Adlai Stevenson concluded, it was a “skin game (X 232)” after all. This helps states the purpose, that insight on knowledge would help in building against the flaws brought upon the minority groups. 2)Metaphors were utilized in picturing the scene to the reader, allowing the cruel acts of the Englishman to be showcased. He argues how a White turned his own “Christianity his initial wedge in criminal conquests (X 231)” in order to turn their “non-white victim's his weapons of war (X 231).” This helps the audience realize that Malcolm readings taught him a lesson that oppression was occurring in continents like Asia. Restating the purpose on gaining insight in order to clear disorder and obliterate oppression once and for all. 3)Tone had changed drastically from the beginning toward the end; as an ignorant Malcolm altered to a powerful know it all. For example, a “I guess I wrote a million words (X 228)” would alter to a more confident statement of “I don’t think anybody ever got more out of going to prison then...
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