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Topics: Philippine Revolution, Emilio Aguinaldo, Katipunan Pages: 3 (988 words) Published: March 8, 2013
The Tejeros Convention

The showdown between Aguinaldo and Bonifacio came to a head in the Tejeros Convention. In this convention, held at Tejeros, San Francisco de Malabon, on March 22, 1897, Bonifacio lost his leadership. Over and against his objection, the convention established a new revolutionary government, replacing the Katipunan. General Aguinaldo was not present because he was fighting at Imus. Bonifacio was presiding the convention when Aguinaldo was elected president of the Revolutionary government. Bonifacio was elected the Director of the Interior. He was protested b Daniel Tirona on the ground that he was not a lawyer. Bonifacio, angered Tirona’s protest, walk out of the convention and refused to recognize the new government.

The Trial and Execution of Andres Bonifacio

Bonifacio angered over what he considered an irregular election and the insult heaped on him by Daniel Tirona, a Magdalo, he and his men proceed to Naik, drew up another document in which they resolve to establish a government independent of, and separate from, that established at Tejeros, which is called Acto de Tejeros on March 23, 1897. Among them were Artemio Ricarte, Pio del Pilar, and Severino de las Alas ranging more than 40 men. From Naik they proceed to Barrio of Limbon, Indang, where a group of soldiers under the command of Col. Agapito Bonzon, was dispatched to effect the arrest. A skirmish was inevitable and the firing that followed Andres Bonifacio was stabbed in the larynx, Ciriaco was killed and Procopio was wounded. They were placed in a hammock and brought to Naik, the capital of the rebel government. In April 28, 1897, Baldomero Aguinaldo forwarded the case to the Council of War in order to conduct the necessary trial. On April 29, 1897, personnel’s of the Council of War was completed, Col. Pedro Lipana as judge advocate, Jose Elises was fiscal, Placido Martinez and Teodoro Gonzales were appointed defense attorneys of Andres and Procopio. The trial lasted...
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