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Defining what a good writer is would be the first step in answering the question, "How has you education shaped your view of what it means to be a good writer?". A good writer is a combination of many qualities that are learned and perfected throughout time. Qualities a good writer would posses include: having a strong voice, being organized, and being grammatically aware. Continuing your education helps a person reach the title of a good writer, but a good writer never stops learning.

When a writer does not have a strong voice that speaks to me at the start of a piece of work, it is very hard to continue reading. Writing is meant to be shared, so a writer should captivate the reader from start to finish. From elementary school on, I was taught to write with a purpose. The first question a teacher would ask is "why are you writing this paper?". That is the first question I was expected to answer. Upon answering that question, I am able to in return, able to draw a reader in to my work. I allow my voice to radiate throughout whatever I write in order to keep the reader entertained and make an impact with my work.

Writing and reading are like co workers at a job, they need each other in order to be effective. A writer can have a strong voice but if the end result is not organized then the reader will not understand what the writer is trying to convey. From the first paper I wrote, my teacher had me complete an outline before I even thought about a rough draft. Learning how to create an outline has ever since allowed my final results to be fluent, which is an important aspect in relation to organization. If I am organized from to start to finish with my piece of work, I constantly feel in control. Being in control also allows me to know exactly what went wrong and how to apply corrections when I get feedback from my instructors.

A lot the corrections I need to apply with my writing deal with grammar issues. When taking foreign language classes in...
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