A Beer's law study

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A lab report is both a record of your qualitative and quantitative observations as well as an analysis of you laboratory work.

It is an original; it is your creation. It is not a copy of something another person wrote. Trust yourself and be willing to learn from your mistakes.

Lab reports are based on 100 points. The report will be graded on accurate reporting of information, proper use of the format, completeness and quality of analysis and conclusion.

Format for Report

Use the name of the experiment as indicated on the lab.

Labs in science are an opportunity for the student to have a hands on experience of observing matter. The purpose of a lab may be to improve your skills in making qualitative and/or quantitative observations. Another purpose of a lab might be to learn directly the physical and chemical properties of matter. Finally, an important part of lab is the ability to use data as evidence to answer a question or problem that you are investigating

For particular experiments there may be a question or problem that is proposed by the instructor for investigation. In this section, you would state that question or problem.

In this section, you would state or discuss any properties of matter, laws of nature, or structure of matter that is relevant to the experiment that you will be doing.

Sample calculations and or general chemical equations that are relevant to the experiment are included in this part. They can be done in blue or black ink.

In most cases the procedure will be given to you in a usable format and it will not have to be rewritten. Just writing “see attached sheet” and attaching the printed procedure is sufficient. If you make any changes in the stated procedure, that should be included.

All data and observations should be...
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