Zingerman's Community of Businesses

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1. Question One
Examine the skills that the co-founders apply when they made and implemented the decision to expand into the Zingerman’s Community of Businesses?

2. Question Two
Justify why was it important for Zingerman’s to expand as a way to provide opportunities for employees and managers to develop their careers?

3. Question Three
On which of the four types of resources do you think Shaginaw and Weinzweig rely most heavily when planning a new business? Explain.


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Managing Zingerman’s Community of Business
Zingerman business is a family of eight companies, all located in Ann Arbor, reflecting business growth strategy novels created Zingerman Deli founder Paul Saginaw and Ari Weinzweig. These is an original deli company, bakery, consultancy named ZingTrain, mail order business, creamery, full service restaurant named Zingerman’s Roadhouse, coffee roaster and Zingerman’s service network the administrative business that supports all the companies. So I will answer those three questions.

1. Examine the skills that the co-founders apply when they made and implemented the decision to expand into the Zingerman’s Community of Businesses? According to Saginaw told the New York Times mention that we had dozens and dozens of franchise opportunities to sell the name, check and go away. In its place of growing big, however, company has chosen to grow deep. So they were very quickly expand the market and growing past, that needs to some skills and good decision making. Firstly, Zingerman’s community of business has good problem solving skill. The solution is a key skill, and it is one that can make a huge difference to your career. At work, the problems are at the heart of what many people every day. (Mind tools, 2012). In company, they understood what their main problem, make the good plan then problem solves. But it’s not easy to solve the problems. Bill and Melinda, 2009 stated that Zingerman’s had a facing problem a lot of on the market. One biggest problem in the Zingerman’s community of business is losing the professional employees to competitors which organization given the big opportunity and teaching all things for how they work before. Employees are the biggest capital in the Zingerman’s community of business. So they will solution for that problem and all employees are satisfied in the workplace. Secondly, one of reason is giving a better pale in the decision making in the organization. It means providing employees, gives some opportunity to career development and makes to correct decision. Ari and Paul believe that The staff will never treat customers better than their leaders have treated. This was his argument for why Zingerman’s managers must practice servant leadership, a term coined by Robert Greenleaf but interpreted by manager for Ari in following train. Bateman Shell, 2002 mention that communication effectively makes a job candidate more attractive and should hold regular face to face meetings and exchange the knowledge. In the case pp105 stated that the co-founders meet each double week to report on their operations, decision making for what the mistake and planning for the future. It means Zingerman’s community of business has a best leader who is controlling the organization to relate to co-founder as well. In addition, the organization is known all over the country for its exceptionally high quality traditional foods, but equally so for its exceptional standards of service and its focus on creating a positive, participative workplace. According to Zingerman’s vision 2020 mention that Zingerman’s Community of businesses is more vital than at any time in its history. They are strongly rooted in the local terroir and our growth provides opportunities to individuals and to their whole community. The Zingerman’s community of business is driven by people who bring their outsider ideas inside our...
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