Zakat in the Light of Quran and Hadith

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The Arabic word Zakat means purity and cleanliness. The word Zakat is derived from word “Tazkia”. In religious terminology, Zakat means that a Muslim who is in possession of certain amount of wealth or more, is required by his religion to spend 1/40 of it at the end of year on the poor, the needy and the wayfarer, an on such other items of charity and good doing, as are prescribed for it by God and the Prophet.

Zakat In The Light Of Quran And Hadith:

Among the fundamental tenets of Islam Zakat occupies a great importance and it is the third pillar of Islam. At several places in the Quran Zakat has been enjoined on Muslims side by side with Namaz.

“Be steadfast in prayer and practice regular charity.”

The Holy Quran says:

“….those who spend their wealth
By night and by day,
Secretly and openly,
Therefore for them is their reward with their Lord.
And there is no fear on them,
Nor shall they grieve.
(Al-Baqara: 274)
And Again:
“The attribute of those who spend their wealth in God’s way, Is like the attribute of a grain,
Which grows into seven spikes,
In each spike a hundred grains;
And God multiplies it for whom He pleases;
For God is Vast, Knowing.”
(Al-Baqara: 261)

The Holy Quran says that those who give charity should not make show of it.

“O’ ye who believe!
Render not void your charity,
By (show of) obligation and injury,
Like him who spends his wealth
For the sake of show of mankind,
And he does not believe in God,
And the Future day,
His attribute is,
As the attribute of a smooth rock,
With some soil thereon,
Then it catches a heavy rain
Which then leaves it as bare stone;
Nothing which they earned is of any avail.”
(Al-Baqara: 264)

The Holy prophet said about the Zakat that:

“I have been commanded to fight against people till they testify that there is no god but Allah, and they establish prayer and pay Zakat and if they do it, then blood and property are guaranteed protection on my behalf and their...
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