Your work Role

Topics: Employment, Wage, Mental Health Act 1983 Pages: 3 (370 words) Published: May 24, 2014
Task A


1) Citizens advice bureau
2) Direct Gov

1) Minimum Wage
2) Health and Safety
3) Holiday entitlements

Task B

AIII) Because other wise you could be made to work for very low wage and very little wage per hour, you could be endanged at work or face bullying or discrimantion you could also be sacked at any time for no reason at no notice period. Made to work 48 hour straight with out rest not allow to go to toilet at work or any number of awful things.

Task C

BI) new employee required to complete a 3 month probationary period. Employment place – Redwell Hills Care home
Job title- Care assistant
Hours contracted – 38.5
pay – 6.31 ph
Employment is on going dependant on your name not appearing on a POVA Must comply with all police check, DBS checks and also Care/POVA checks Sick pay is payed at the SSP rate as standard

1) Tax Code (Amount Tax Paid and to date)

1) Address Change
2) Bank Account Details
3) Health issues


Stage 1 - INFOMAL- Discuss with supervisor and manager

Stage 2 - FOMAL

Formal written griviance
Meeting with manager
Copy of note and solution given to employee and held on file Explained how you can appeal the out come

Stage 3 -

if not dealt with satisfactory at stage 2.

All documents are to be passed from manager to next level of management Meeting called with Senior management with in 28 day of appeal You should receive a letter what company’s final decision is with in 10 days of appeal meeting. The employee will have no futher right to appeal


A) 1) Care quality Commission (CQC)
2) Safe guarding

B) Care Quality Commission- The CQC's stated role is to make sure that hospitals,...
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