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1. Discuss the use of line, shape, and
contrast in this page from Herriman's Krazy

The use of line in particular is very intricate. The bold diagonal lines make the entire piece very dynamic and really invokes the sense of movement in the directional lines as Kat chases the rock down the hill. Since the cartoon focuses more on the simple outlines of the characters, the lines used to indicate movement, as well as the crosshatching shading style both bring out the contrast of the piece. Because of the lack of color, the contrast is shown most in the darkest hues of Kat, the trees, and the holes of the house and hill. The lighter contrast of the shaded side of the house, the highlight of the rock versus the shaded underside, and unshaded shapes of the hill and Ignatz help to balance the cartoon and give it more visual contrast against the negative space of the background. The use of shape in the piece is very organic, even the “straight” lines making up the house are wobbly and fragmented. The only truly geometric shapes are the boxes in which the scenes take place.

2. Describe this sculpture (One Ton Prop by
Richard Serra) in terms of form, volume,
mass and texture.
The form of One Ton Prop is very geometric, with the large lead slabs leaning up into the shape of an open cube. This openness of the cube implies both a solid mass and an open volume, even though the pieces of lead are certainly completely solid, because the open spaces left at the corners, as well as the empty space in the middle lend the sculpture a lighter feel. The solid mass of the piece suggested in the solidity of the lead slabs, as well in the choice of material and the texture is belied by the seemingly precarious way in which they are balanced against each other. The texture looks as though it would be mildly rough and smooth in various places if you were to touch it, though that could be subversive and the entire piece is actually quite smooth, as I’ve never seen it in person I couldn’t say.

3. How does Albrecht Durer create implied
depth in St. Jerome in his Study using values
and space?
The creation of implied depth in St. Jerome is achieved through great attention to the values of the piece. The light from the windows provides a point of reference, with the darker values where the light does not directly touch drawing the eyes in toward the lightest point (the halo of light around St. Jerome’s head). The use of chiaroscuro in the items hanging from the ceiling, the animals, and the multiple surfaces of the room creates the impression of depth and solidity of what we see. The use of space in the smallness of St. Jerome in the background, versus the largeness of the lion in the foreground also suggests depth.

4. Describe the use and effects of color in
Grapes by Pierre Bonnard.
Bonnard uses very saturated hues of a vibrant shade of red around the bowl of grapes, which are depicted in cooler, tinted colors. The value of the red is much darker compared to the tinted reds and greens of the grapes, and the contrasting temperatures suggested by the two schemes provides a great deal of visual interest.

5. Discuss the use of time and motion in
Head On by Cai Guo-Qiang.

The use of time and motion in Head On is very dramatic and powerful. The implied motion of the wolves, starting with wolves who are walking forward, then the changing body postures as they begin to trot and ultimately run with their legs stretched out to their furthest extent, creates a poweful sense of purpose and forward momentum. The sudden stop, with the wolves bodies piling up beneath their purposeful cousins, is that much more jarring. These wolves display the continual movement of time, and you can see their story from start to finish, from the walking wolves to the ones lying dead on the floor. 13

6. Describe the unity, variey and balance
present in Camille's Husband's Birthday Quilt
by Faith Ringgold....
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