Writing Ideas for Persepolis

Topics: Experience, Iran, Family Pages: 2 (489 words) Published: July 13, 2014
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Reflective expository essay
To explore the ideas of the prompt and consider different ways of looking at conflict. General adult audience, teacher, peers
Sophisticated, formal with some personal reflection, switching between 1st and 3rd person. Descriptive anecdotes. Experiences of particular characters or events can be contrasted with other real life events or personal experiences. Feature Article on the effect of war on women for a weekend section of The age (or International Women’s Day edition) To explore how women experience war, focusing on the ideas of the prompt Readers of the publication who are interested in women’s issues and war. Sophisticated and interesting vocabulary, descriptive anecdotes. Shorter paragraphs, varied sentences. Mostly third person, but some 1st. Emotive language and imagery. Refer to Marjane’s experience in Iran, Discuss Islamic revolution in Iran, interview Marjane; compare to other situations where women have been oppressed; Malala; Compare to personal freedoms of Australian women. Feature Article about the role of protest in conflicts.

To consider how and why conflict is changed by protest and resistance, as the prompt guides Readers of the publication who are interested in protest
As above
Discuss different types of protest and resistance seen throughout the film. Compare to other historical and current examples of resistance and protest: Russia’s anti-gay laws, civil rights; Treatment of Asylum Seekers etc. Interview with the film maker, Marjane Sartrapi, to be published in “Life and Style” Saturday Age. To understand why she made the film and what she wanted to say about the conflict she experienced Readers of the publication, viewers of the film.

Transcript or descriptive interview. Questions, Interjections by interviewer, descriptions of the experience, direct quotations. Explicitly discuss particular parts of the film; consider explanations that are not in the...
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