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“Literature is the mirror of the society”

The adage above is one of the most commonly used definitions of Literature… cliché as it may sound, still, it is true. Literature traces the past, mimics the present, and sometimes, it also predicts the future. A piece of literature describes a milieu, a collection of it may describe an epoch, and the great ones determine what will be.

Great as it sounds; literature’s power is still under the control of the human mind. A well written piece might be a trash for someone who doesn’t understand… a piece of literature may have two extremely diverse interpretations… a piece of literature can be a catalyst and at the same time a freezer… a piece of literature can promote unity and at the same time evoke division…needless to say, literature is capable of doing things that may vastly change the pace and the face of history.

Since that literature transcends both the old and the civilized world, it would be a tasking job to learn and discover the beauty of it. Nevertheless, this book will help you in this difficult, yet worthwhile endeavor. This will not promise absolute understanding, but this will be in charge of triggering the curiosity that lies deep within each of us—en route to embracing and loving Literature.

This book will trace back literatures from the classical times including Greek, Roman , and even literatures from the early ages, up to the middle ages, the dark ages, the renaissance, and up to the contemporary times.

This will also help you in rediscovering literatures from England, The Americas, Africa, Asia, and of course our country—The Philippines. This will also tackle some approaches and methods on how to analyze and criticize a piece of literature. It also presents different literary movements that have shaped and have still been shaping the world.


French Literature

French Literature is considered one of the greatest literatures of all time. In general, it is focused on national pride and national identity. It is also a fact that most European literary movements originated from France—making its literature worth reading and emanating.

The Middle Ages

10th Century -most writers used Latin in their works
11th Century-literature in French emerged in the form of epics and poems
-the “Chanson de Geste” was written--this is about the heroic deeds of the knights battling with or against Charlemagne
-“Chanson of Roland” was written.
-considered a masterpiece among the 80 chansons
-about the death of Charlemagne’s nephew, Roland
12th Century-The “Romans Courtois” was written.
-written in verse in Roman tongue
-must be read aloud before an aristocratic audience
-about the heroism of the knights fighting for their ladies
-most were set at King Arthur’s court
-steeped in the Celtic Mythology of Brittany, Cornwall, and Wales
-“Tristan and Iseult” was written
-evocated a love that is as strong as death
-inspired poets in Europe
-this was the basis of “Tristan and Isolde” by Richard Wagner
-Chretien de Troyes was considered the greatest poet of this era
-he wrote “Erec”, “Lancelot”, and “Perceval”
-Lais became very famous
-these are short Romans Courtois
-Marie de France was the most famous writer of Lais
-“Roman de la Rose” was written
-this is the single most significant medieval poem
-the first part was written by Guillaume de Lorris (1230)
-the second part was written 40 years after by Jean de
-the Fabliaux became famous
-these were short narratives in simple, earthy, and bantering Verses
-fables were also famous
-fables are stories with animals as the characters
-the most celebrated fable of this time is “Reynard the Fox”
-the “Testament” (1461) was written by Francois Villion-the Greatest poet of the late medieval period
-Villion was a thief, murderer, and prison...
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