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World Religions Study Guide

By ksmith102014 Apr 30, 2013 501 Words
ESSAY on Buddhism Four Noble Truths:
1. Life is suffering (dukkha)
2. Suffering comes from desire (tanha)
3. Getting rid of desire
4. Right behavior through 8 fold path
MAHAYANA largest JAPAN AND CHINA Savior Ideal: the boddhisattva

Yoga- an action to form of bonding with God.
Types- Karma – yoga of action/ work
Jhana- yoga of knowledge
Bahkji- yoga of devotion most important
Raja- highest form of yoga
Vedism: Brahmin’s studied veda texts which our prayers. Arians came an invaded and changed it to classic Hinduism. Vedism to classical Hinduism through a need for more INTERNAL EXPIERENCE through Upanishads, which were prayers. Vedism became Classical Hinduism through a need for more internal

Judaism: 3 main : Land, People, and Belief. 3 main people Abraham, Moses and David Prophetic message God wants love and justice
3 types: Hassidic follow the strict rules, Conservative: pray a lot take service very seriously. Secular: rarely particpate. Covenant: agreement with God that Yahweh would never abandon his people.

Yahweh would be with them and never leave them. Nature of the prophetic message: GOD WANTS LOVE AND JUSTICE TO FLOW LIKE A RIVER

Islam: Traditional covering material. Five Pillars
2 major groups of Muslims: Sunni and Shieitist
Sufism= Mystical Sunni= Largest, ALL OVER Shia= Mostly Iraq/Iran ayatollah: leader The principles that regulate the private life of Muslims in their dealings with God. 1.Shadah= the first pillar There is no god but God, and Muhammad is His prophet 2.Canonical prayer

4.Observance of Ramadan
5. Pilgrimage to Mecca

Confucianism relationships among friends and family vs Neo-Confucianism: is a development of Confucianism and adopted what was in Buddhism, Taoism (meditation) scholars helped to reinvent neo-Confucianism (essentially keeping the family together)

Confucianism is family related. Taosim is nature relationship Wu way- uses water is symbol. Action non-action, Power plus gentleness.

Vedism: Brahmin’s studied veda texts which our prayers which they taught in north india, go through the motions. Arians came an invaded and changed it to classic Hinduism. Vedism to classical Hinduism through a need for more internal expierence through Upanishads, which were prayers. Budda and Buddism turned hindu’s into better hindu’s through meditation

Vedism became Classical Hinduism through a need for more internal

Classical Hinduism was part of the Upaninshads effected Vedism

Advita: relationship between God and Man
Sanatana Dharma: Holy Teaching
Sacuna Brahamin Brahmin and Brahman
Samsari: the cycle of death and rebirth. Journey of Life.
Moksha: liberation/ enlightenment
The three jewels of Buddhism: Buddha, Teaching, and Shangha Community Jihad: internal struggle TO DO RIGHT THING
Shimah: here oh Israel
3 types of Jews: Hassidic Conservative Secular.
Benarist Holy City in India on Gangi river.
Wu Way: action / non-action represented by water. Important bc is natural. Powerful / weak Shoah Jewish word for the Holocaust or genocide
Satyagraha: truth force
Advita: Not Two relationship between God and Humanity Inseparable Shiguna- with tribute a God you can know.
Nirguna- more objective God less personal.

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