Work Role as a Support Worker

Topics: Government, Taxation in the United Kingdom, Occupational safety and health Pages: 2 (503 words) Published: June 19, 2013
Task B Your work role
The date of commencement of employment,
probationary period of six month,
pay rate
Holiday pay and entitlement
Disciplinary rules and procedures

Bii. The information which needs to be shown on my payslip are Name and address
National insurance number
Tax code
Total tax paid
Net pay

Biii. Two changes that's needs to be reported to your employer are change of name and address.

Bv. The agreed ways of working with my employer.
In relation to data protection is that I consent to the use of my personal data to facilitate my own going employment. Grievance procedure to work with the line manager to settle minor, day to day work related issues informally and express a complaint or matter of concern try to deal with it fairly and consistently. To work with management to find resolutions in conflict management. That all staff are offered the same terms and conditions, offered the same training, promotion opportunities no matter their age, gender, disability, nationality in the anti discrimination work practice. Health and safety at work that applies wherever they are employees, customers and visitors. Everyone must cooperate with with procedures to make it a safe and healthy environment. Recording any accidents in accident book giving details including nature of the accident,treatment received, witnesses details, date time and place of accident. Breaches of safety rules or procedures come under disciplinary procedures. Confidential procedures are required by law, disclose confidential information relating to our organisation. Report any suspected breach to the organisation immediately. Whistleblowing to contact the organisation about the issue to be reported, if I feel this maybe covered up I could contact a prescribed person which can be found on government website.

Bvi. My role as a support worker contributes to the...
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