Woman in Black

Topics: Gothic fiction, English-language films, Dracula Pages: 2 (539 words) Published: March 16, 2014
The Woman in Black
‘How does the woman in black conform to the conventions of a classic ghost story’ Arthur Kipps, a young lawyer travels to a remote village to sort out the affairs of an estate left behind by its recently deceased owner. There he discovers a mysterious woman dressed in black, is terrorizing the locals. He then uncovers a tragic secret. Crythin Gifford was described to us by Sam Daily and he has said that "… There's the drowned churches and the swallowed-up village,", gothic literature is usually set in old, run down structures. “ ... And we've a good wild run of an abbey with a handsome graveyard—you can get to it at low tide.”, the idea of churches, abbeys and graveyards are very popular in trying to set the conventions of a gothic horror story. Eel Marsh House is where Alice Drablow lived out the last of her days. Arthur describes the place as ‘a tall, gaunt house of grey stone’, this is very important to get the idea of gothic horror because Eel Marsh House is a an abandoned manor, grey which signifies that it is boring, a drab and quite depressing to be in. It is also physically cut off and the Nine lives causeway functions as a helping hand coming back to humanity. The Nine lives causeway was part or nature. ‘...When the tide came in, it would quickly be quite submerged and untraceable’, it isn’t just beautiful, it can be a little frightening because the causeway is the only path to you and civilisation. Being far away from society is also a key to gothic literature and the use of the Nine lives causeway makes use of this. ‘The marshes were black and silent, stretching away from me for miles.’, this truly comes to show that the marshes surrounded the area and you cannot escape. ‘It was a yellow fog, a filthy, evil-smelling fog, a fog that choked and blinded, smeared and stained’, the fog is being personified, as if a thing with dark intentions. It has been used because it is something which blots out reality, rendering people blind,...
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