Willian Dean Speech Summary

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William Dean ‘ Ecumenical Service for the Victim’s of the Canyoning Tragedy 1999| Authors Context| * Sir William Dean (then Governor General) and his wife flew to Switzerland to represent Australia just days after 21 people , 14 Australians, died in a canyoning tragedy.| Audience| Family, friends and Swiss representatives made up the immediate audience. Due to media attention the wider world was also addressed on a smaller scale. | Purpose| To make a very public speech on the occasion of the deaths of 14 young Australians.To commemorate the deaths in a way that was moving but not excessiveAcknowledge the dead, to recognise the loss and grief of their familiesTo represent the people of Australia in offering words of comfort and sympathy to the mourners| Ideas, Values, Themes| * Ecumenical – includes all religions * Tragedy was intensified by the victims’ youth and the fact that it is overseas * The incident brings the two countries closer – political argument. Thanks locals for mounting the rescue mission. * A matter of national significance| Language Forms & Features| * The opening tone is simple, direct and moving as well as sad and filled with a sense of tragedy * It is a religious tone “we pray for them…” * He uses the wattle flower symbolically as Australia’s national flower. He brings a piece of home to the tragedy. It represents nationhood and patriotism. “we felt that was bring a little bit of Australia to them” – colloquial * Symbolism – Wattle – Home, natural, kind gesture, patriotic “in the flower of their youth” * Inclusive language is used to show a shared experience with the audience * Religious allusions and biblical references provide religious comfort – “May they all rest with God” * Emotive language highlights the sense of loss – “sadness” “mourn” “compassion” “tragic” * Alliteration and Cumulation – “the competence, the compassion and the kindness”| Quotes| |

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