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Topics: Coca-Cola, Soft drink, Caffeine Pages: 4 (695 words) Published: January 10, 2013
Coke and Pepsi

I am writing about coke and Pepsi and what are the differences between the two

The problem no one really knows much of a difference between the two and I would like to establish

The differences between the two and the similarities between the two, this has been investigated before

But I want to form my own opinion and take a theoretical guess to how and why these carbonated

Drinks are similar and why they are different. Most people say it’s because one is sweeter than the other

But were not too sure about that. in this report I will clearly give you all the similarities and differences

Between the two then give my own opinion about which one I prefer over the other.

The similarities between coke and pepsi are they are both soft drinks.

They are both dark sodas with almost similar tastes and features.

They are both very sweet sodas that you can drink.

They are both the two most popular carbonated drinks in the world.

They are both served in cafés and restaurants all around the world.

They are both sold in cans and bottles in all stores.

They are both widely available in almost all stores.

The ingredients in coke and Pepsi today are almost exactly the same.

They both look the same when served in the glass you can’t tell the difference,

They are both black carbonated drinks and are rivals in the same soft drink market.

Pepsi and coke are both fizzy and unhealthy for people to drink and are considered very strong

And highly acidic when you are consuming this carbonated drink.

They both are trying to target the younger generation because kids are easily persuaded

To drink or eat something or to wear something because it’s popular regardless of how it looks on you.

They both use the santa claus commercial during the wintertime and Christmas break even though santa

Is supposed to be a coca cola drinker they have now switched it to where he drinks both.

Look at the can if the drink...
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