Why I Have What It Takes to Have a Successful Career in Public Relations

Topics: Public relations, Communication, News conference Pages: 3 (1071 words) Published: August 27, 2013
Public Relations is a distinctive management function which helps to build, manage and sustain mutual lines of communications and understanding between an organization and its public interest. Alternatively, most would simply sum up this one-liner as “PR represents Problem Resolution” which many PR practitioners and personnel does as a communication strategy and tactics to resolve many and varied problems for customers and organizations Many would ask what exactly are the criteria and key attributes needed to excel as a Public Relation professional. A person entering Public Relations may develop a career in numerous areas of this increasingly diverse field. Similarly, the variety of personal traits and skills that bring success is wide. Although certain abilities, such as writing well, are basic for all areas, experienced Public Relation practitioners may go on to develop increased skills in a particular practice area such as investor relations, governmental affairs or brand management. Entry-level Public Relations professionals have to proficient in verbal and written communication skills, proactive and details oriented, along with great media relations and social media and web savvy. However, with the tools for communicate and market is constantly evolving, the Public Relations industry of today is no place for stubborn traditionalists.  The best Public Relations practitioners know to embrace all that is happening around them and best leverage that data to improve as professionals. With that said, I unquestionably possess all the essential qualities and skills to have a successful career in Public Relations. PERSONAL ASPIRATIONS

According to Abraham Lincoln, “The best thing about the future is that it comes only one day at a time.” Many would agree to this sentence back in those days where we do not live in a media-saturated society. However, with a rapidly increasing technology-based future, one ought to be two days ahead to triumph and achieve success....
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