Why Is It Such a Vicious Practice and Why Do People Do It?

Topics: Shark, Shark finning, Shark fin soup Pages: 3 (1375 words) Published: February 25, 2013
What is Shark Finning?
Why is it such a vicious practice and why do people do it?

Shark Finning is an atrocious practice of cutting off the shark’s fins and tossing the shark, still alive, back to the water; this practice is illegal but it is practiced anyways and it’s quite serious as some shark are in the edge of extinction. Once the fins have been cut off, the shark is thrown back to the water and it slowly dies. The shark may either drown, bleed to death or be eaten by other creatures. The shark can’t move or defend itself because it has no fins so it just sinks to the button of the sea; helpless. Shark finning is one of the most monstrous things you can do to an innocent animal. It’s like cutting a person’s hands and legs and leaving them alone. The person is vulnerable and defenceless. It’s such an evil practice to perform because the creature suffers and dies in pain. Some people wonder why the fishers toss the finless shark to the water as it’s really heartless to leave an animal to die like that. The fishers try to avoid paying for the fish because they are charged for every kilogram they bring in the boat. Shark meat is rarely eaten and therefore it’s very cheap. Fisher men care for the fins as they are expensive and light. The fishers would have had a loss if they brought the whole shark with them and that is why the toss the finless shark back to the sea. The shark eventually dies in a really cruel way and the fisher earns quite a lot of money for something that belongs to the shark. This practice can be easily compared to fur trade as we the human are stealing an essential piece of an animal. Humans have the power over animals as we are smarter and stronger. This doesn’t give us the right to steal from a weaker race. When the sharks are tossed back to the water, it takes a few hours until the shark dies, many inhumane things happen while the shark is sinking helpless to the bottom of the sea. The shark may either bleed to death which takes...
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