Where the Heart Is

Topics: Family, Luck, Pregnancy Pages: 3 (691 words) Published: March 31, 2013
Where the Heart Is
Novalee Nation
* main character
* is seventeen and seven months pregnant when her boyfriend Willy Jack Pickens deserts her at Wal-Mart. * Number seven is her unlucky number.
* through her actions we see how dreams can be attained, how self-reliance serves Americans well, and how the concept of home transcends many problems. * breaks free of becoming a stereotype by maintaining a sense of self-destiny and ultimately symbolizes the ability of young women to create success for themselves * Meets various people in Wal-Mart 

* Each person contributes something to Novalee's life. * Sister Husband welcomes her to the town.
* Moses Whitecotton tells her how important names are. * Benny Goodluck gives her a buckeye tree, which symbolizes good luck. * Novalee also meets Forney Hull who works in the library. His sister is really the librarian, but she is an alcoholic who stays in her room above the library so Forney takes her place. * Forney exposes Novalee to books

Sister Husband
* Mother figure to Novalee unlike Novalee’s own mother
* (Thelma) acts as surrogate mother, spiritual leader, and kindhearted neighbor * Although not a live-in partner, Sister's paramour Mr. Sprock plays a male supporting role in a household of women. * Through the couple's generosity of spirit and genuine Christian-influenced kindness, Novalee is able to create the kind of home she wants for her child. Americus Nation

* represents a significant break with the chain of neglect and under-education of Novalee's life. * grows up in a loving home surrounded by people who have her best interest at heart. * grows from a hopeful and nurturing place, giving the entire novel a sense of optimism. Forney Hull

* exposes the myth of upper-class life as trouble-free.
* lives with the difficulties associated with an alcoholic...
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