What Is Organizational Behavior?

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Organizational Behavior – field of study that investigates the impacts of individuals, groups, and structure of behavior within organizations. Its aim is to apply such knowledge toward improving organizational awareness * Frequently applied to: absenteeism, turnover, productivity, motivation, job satisfaction, working in groups * Often applied by manager to manage organizations more effectively * Not just for managers and employees, also for entrepreneurs and self-employed individuals, because you have to interact with OTHERS

Behavior: attitudes, how people perform

Organization – consciously coordinated social unit, composed of a group of people that functions at a relatively continuous basis to achieve a common goal/set of goals * Can be big manufacturing firms or small stores

Challenges at the Individual Level
* Managers and employees need to learn to work with people who have different personality, perception, values, and attitudes * Based on experiences: influence behavior
* Different levels of job satisfaction
* Employees want to be satisfied. More satisfaction = more productivity = quantity + quality * Organizations: provide jobs that are challenging and rewarding * Negatively related to absenteeism and turnover costing ORGs money * Motivation

* 29% employees do not receive fair/reasonable rewards for their work * Rewards motivation
* Individuals must be more empowered employees make own decisions (responsibility) * Puts demand on both worker, employee
* Now “teammates” decision making pushed down to operating level * Managers share more power to employees, therefore increasing their responsibility in ORG * Freedom on schedules and procedures

* Employees solve work-related problems
* More empowerment = lower costs (no need to hire supervisors/high ranks) = employee happy, more pride * Greatest challenge: behave ethically
* Increasing worker productivity and tough competition results in challenges questionable practices (break rules, etc.) * Ethics: study of moral values + principles that guide our behavior and inform us whether actions are right or wrong many factors and lots of pressure that make people tempted not to do the right thing

Challenges at the Group Level
* Working with others
* Much of the success of many jobs = good interpersonal skills * Important characteristics: communication, thinking, learning, working with others * Positive attitudes and behaviors = GOOD teambuilding and priority management * Workforce diversity

* Have to realize that employees don’t set aside cultural values and lifestyle preferences when they go to work instead: ORGs must work to accommodate various groups of people by addressing their different lifestyles, family needs, work styles * More heterogeneous – gender, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, age, disabled, education, socioeconomic status, different life experiences, immigration (culture) * To work effectively with others: understand their culture + how it has shaped them and learn to adapt your interaction style * Many implications

* Recognize differences, not treat everyone alike
* Ensure employee retention and productivity, while also satisfying all individuals involved * DIVERSITY
* Can increase creativity and innovation
* Improve decision making different perspectives * If not, miscommunication, higher turnover, more interpersonal conflicts

Challenges at the Organizational level
* Many more interacting factors that place constraints on individual and group behavior * Organizational culture: glue that holds organizations together need for effective, committed employees is critical * DESIGN has a big impact on how effective and organization is * Greater competition manage people from...
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