What Causes high Crime Rate

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What causes High Crime Rate?
Westwood College (Criminology)
Week 2 Assignment
What causes High Crime Rate?
Crime rate is where the Federal Burro of Investigations use the number of crimes reported to the burro to measure the crime rate of certain locations as well as the type of crimes. When researching two cities there are two different ways to research the crime there is qualitative and quantitative; these two sound similar but there are some differences. Qualitative has details with descriptions, data’s able to be observed but not measured which is all about QUALITY. Then there is Quantitative that has deals with numbers and data able to be measured from Length, height, area, volume, weight, speed, time, temperature, ages which all focus on QUANTITIY. In Colorado there are many cities with different crime rates however the Central Business District has one of the highest crime rates at 4270 Offences from two year ago. Then there is the Denver International Airport that had 1052 offences. With these crime rates so different I decided to use the Quantitative data research method to find the differences from each of the two on why the crime rate is so high when they have the similar amount of people. In the central Business district there are more of the same people that live in the location or close by and are not just traveling. Also Denver International Airport has high levels of security that ensures all travelers safety which is another reason the crime rate is lower than the Central business district when they have similar amount of people coming through the city. Crime patterns that might be expected to find in the Central Business District would be Auto theft and drug or alcohol violation. My research of quantities instead of qualities would be the best way to review the high crime rates and comparison of the two because you are open to farther information that assist with digging deeper in to solving the high crime rate slowly. References...

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City & County of Denver. (2014). Denver crime ate map. Retrieved from http://www.denvergov.org/police/PoliceDepartment/CrimeInformation/CrimeMap/tabid/443033/Default.aspx
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