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week 7 short answers

By Madelinefjon Oct 10, 2013 529 Words
Week 7 – Short Answer Assignment

Instructions: Answer the questions below. All questions should be answered in paragraph format (complete sentences, proper spelling and punctuation). Keep in mind that this is a writing course. Submit your assignment via the assignment function in Blackboard. Your file name should be “yourlastname_week7”.

Question 1:
Visit - The Foundation Center website - and go to Find Funder and then Top Funders. Study the list of the top 50 Corporate Foundations and then pick two corporations to research further. For example, the UPS Foundation and Wal-Mart Foundation.

Identify any two corporate foundations on the list and provide a brief description as well as any interesting aspects about the funding entity.

(1) Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (WA)
(2) The Cleveland Foundation (OH)

Question 2:
On a local level, research PNC and Eaton Corporation. What is the mission or purpose of each company-sponsored foundation? Identify the funding priorities for each and provide examples of recent grant awards. Any other noteworthy information is encouraged.

My first selection The Bill Gates foundation organization works worldwide to assist in major problems in 4 different program areas. One program that uses standards in is to help those who live in the poorest of poverty and hunger issues. The Bill Gates foundation also assists in the advancement of science and technology save people within the developing countries. United States division challenges are to support high schools and postsecondary education while supporting susceptible children and their family’s state of Washington. The program also has a global policy and advocacy division that strives to be build a strategic relationship while promoting policies that will further their work. Recent funding grant International Institute of Tropical Agriculture in 2013. The issue was for agricultural development and the program was for global development the grant amount issued was $7,656,326

2nd choice Cleveland Foundation organization is a community charitable organization that was created by and for the community of people. Local donors as well as private citizens work towards establishing the prosperity for citizens to grow within the community. The funds come from various sources such as living trusts, quests and given/distributed imperishability. Banker and lawyer Frederick H Goff founder on January 2, 1914. The recent grant funding was $950,000 to College Now Greater Cleveland. The Cleveland foundation Board of Directors authorized 15.3 million in grants 2nd quarter of 2013 to local nonprofit organizations and economic development, public education programs, education reforms, arts, culture, public health and other vital areas.

Question 3:
As you researched corporate foundations and corporate-giving program at the national and local levels, what key points or lessons can you apply to the research step of the grantseeking process? I found that the accessibility of my searches were very easily sought out, a lot of information through the foundation center Internet site made things more flexible and less time-consuming. Everything was outlined effectively enough for the viewer to research all aspects without any problems. There is plenty information in the foundation center that allows one to retrieve all information that may be needed utilizing the fact finder directory, getting information on the different funding sources, is even a related tools task and a check status task, which I found to be very credible/supportive.

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