Week 4 Learning Team Reflection

Topics: Leadership, Management, Charismatic authority Pages: 1 (344 words) Published: December 5, 2012
Reflecting back on week fours class and readings we as a group agree that we are now able to differentiate between managers and leaders. We are able to see that managers are people who are appointed to a position in which they must develop, design, and plan policies and procedures for employees to follow. Managers work with people and resources to accomplish an organizational goal. There are many skills managers need to possess to be effective managers three of the main skills among a list of many others are technical skills, interpersonal and communication skills, and conceptual and decision skills. With technical skills managers are able to understand and perform specialized task that may involve a certain methods or processes. Conceptual and decision skills are beneficial to identify and resolve problems that may arise. Possessing interpersonal and communication skills give the manager the ability to motivate, lead, and communicate effectively with his or her team of employees. As opposed to leaders who stimulate high performance efforts form employees. A leader is someone who influences others to attain a goal by implementing strategies to produce results. Leaders tend to challenge conventional management practices and create change. Leaders do not delegate orders like some managers tend to do. Leaders strive motivate people to care about a goal and accomplishing it not just on self-reward. They show appreciation for others work and give positive feedback. Some of the skills a great leader will possess are drive, motivation, integrity, self-confidence, and knowledge. There are many leadership types such as a charismatic, transformational, authentic, servant, bridge, shared and lateral leadership. A charismatic leader is dominant and self-confident. A transformational leader makes a vision a reality. Authentic leaders are aware of the public’s interest more than their own. Servant leaders serve the needs of others. Bridge leaders bridge...
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