Web Page Design

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Web Page Design
The Internet
A large collection of computers all over the world connected to one another by networks started in 1969
Began the internet as a military research policy in 1969
Cold War was going on during this time
Government created a network that covered a large geographic area and could keep US Defense people in touch Network grew to include scientists, schools, colleges, businesses, and other individuals Individuals does not mean public

Created when 2+ computers are connected together
Network allows computers to share resources such as printers and programs Intranet- a private network which connects all computers within an organization Intranets are connected to the internet
internet- entire system, of networked computers
world wide web- part of the internet
The purpose of the world wide web is to organize resources
delivers web pages over the www and uploaded as HTTP
Web Server
a web server is a computer that stores a webpage and makes the page available for people to view access part of a web server using a URL
A web page is a document of the web
A website is a bunch of web pages
Hypertext Markup Language
computer language that included a set of codes attached to text every web page needs HTML code
indicated which part of the page
Web Browsers
web browsers help you move from one html document to another Ways to Design a Webpage
WYSWYG such as Adobe Dreamweaver
.html or .htm can be the extension
anything in are used to format html documents
used to lay out pages, text, color, graphics
Containers hold text and have a starting and ending tag
Text is usually between tags
empty tag does not hold or surround text
is line break-only needs one
special codes to modify the related tag
nesting fits things inside of each other
Fonts and their Attributes
face=times new roman, courier
Color “by color name”
Types of links
external-someone else’s server where...
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