water resources should be nationalised

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Nationalisation of water resources has both pros and cons. Though it is a sensitive issue to be handled, considerations from different state governments are to be looked before doing any proceedings in this aspect. As different water resources cater different kinds of needs, it is to be clearly understood what type of resources are to be nationalised.

Coming to pros:
- Nationalization can improve gross usage of water resources there by decreasing wastage - It creates employment to several people directly or indirectly - Future scope of utility of these can be estimated and implemented

Well, the cons are:
- Political issues may concern the implementation of developmental activities - Corruption may go high
- Inefficient monitoring leads to increased wastes of water resources

oba said:
I think water should be nationalized. If the Government nationalizes them the government think of the need of the water in each state. Government supplies the water to each and every state as the demand of the water. Some stages have huge amount of water in there reservoirs and some don't have a single drop. Water is essential for every one. If government takes the responsibilities then all the land comes under cultivation and it will increases the productivity of the land and there by decrease the importing of goods from other countries and increase the number quality and quantity of the goods exported to the other countries by which it will increase the Indian economy. We are still a developing country we should use each and every path to make India a completely developed country. By making the rivers nationalized the land becomes fertile and can be used for cultivation there are by the Indian labors can get some work, some food, and even Indian goods quality can also be increased.
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