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3 Basic Beliefs and Integrity
Walmart was founded on three basic beliefs: service to our customers, respect for the individual and striving for excellence. Our adherence to these principles has created a unique work culture at Walmart. No matter where you go — to any of our stores and offices in any of our brands around the world — our associates live these values. * Service to our customers

* Respect for the individual
* Striving for excellence
A Foundation of Integrity
Our basic beliefs are built on a foundation of integrity — our values of honesty, fairness and objectivity guide how we apply these beliefs to the workplace. In other words, we strive to:  * Be honest by telling the truth and keeping our word.

* Be fair by using our business influence appropriately and creating an open environment for raising questions and concerns. * Be objective by making decisions based on Walmart’s interests, rather than personal interests, and by avoiding even the appearance of impropriety.  

1. Service to Our Customers
Every associate — from our CEO to our hourly associates in local stores — is reminded daily that our customers are why we’re here. We do our best every day to provide the greatest possible level of service to everyone we come in contact with.

But what do we mean by service to our customers?
* We serve our customers by making them our first priority. * We support our associates so they can best serve our customers. * We give to the local community in ways that connect to our customers.  

2. Respect for the Individual
From Walmart’s earliest days as a small discount store, we have emphasized the importance of respect for every associate, every customer and every member of the community. But how do we show respect for the individual? * We value and recognize the contributions of every associate. * We own what we do with a sense of urgency, and empower each other to do the same. * We communicate by...
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