Wal-Mart Case Study

Pages: 2 (467 words) Published: June 22, 2013
Report on Walmart case study
Walmart has lost over a billion dollars in sales because the strategy is not well planned for a better design. The launched project is a very strategic idea which to make Walmart aisles to be less cluttered and better designed but somehow it did not happen as planned. To make any changes on system or any design that related to huge users or customers, there are a few steps need to take into account. Conceptual model is one of the important models to be applied on how the system will appear to the users and how they understand it. People usually have some relevant knowledge and beliefs that help them interpret new information in order to reach conclusions. There are four basic steps in Interaction Design that are not be implemented by the Walmart team project; first, establishing requirements. We need to consider who are the customers and the stakeholders. The person who conduct the survey should searching the information on what the customers need. Gather information on what the customers want and what are they good and bad at. If they really want the Walmart aisles to be less cluttered, we need to listen on what kind of design that they really want. The customers rarely know what to tell us what they need. We can observe, record and analysis on their behavioural or attitudes towards the system. The next step is designing alternatives. Redesign the current system to a new interactive design which might help the customers feel more comfortable with. We are the designers so we need to know what customers need and implement it to the system. We may have more than one alternative designs. Choose the best design which fulfilling the customers need. Always take the budget and other constraints into account. The third basic steps in Interaction Design is prototyping. After designing the system into a new effective system, we have to start the prototyping. Fulfill the customers need by build in the prototyping. If the customers need the...
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