Vocabulary in a French Hotel

Topics: Bed, Hotel, Swimming pool Pages: 6 (905 words) Published: May 2, 2012
Hotel Vocabulary / Vocabulaire dans les hôtels

|Words / Quelques Mots |Meaning in French / Sens en Français |Example sentence / Exemple de Phrases | |adjoining rooms |chambre adjacente |If you want we can book your parents in an adjoining room. | |noun | | | |amenities |ménagements, équipements, agréments |We are located downtown, so we are close to all of | |noun | |the amenities. | |attractions |attractions |The zoo is our city's most popular attraction for kids. | |noun | | | |baggage |baggages |If you need help with your baggage we have a cart you can use.| |noun | | | |Bed and Breakfast |Chambre avec petit déjeuner |I can book you into a beautiful Bed and Breakfast on the lake.| |noun | | | |bellboy |porteur |The bellboy will take your bags to your room for you. | |noun | | | |book |réserver, faire une réservation pour qqun |I can book your family in for the weekend of the seventh. | |verb | | | |booked |complet |I'm afraid the hotel is booked tonight. | |adj | | | |brochures |brochures |Feel free to take some brochures to your room to look at. | |noun | | | |check-in |enregistrer, faire enregistrer les bagages |You can check-in anytime after four o'clock. | |verb | | | |check-out |régler sa note |Please return your parking pass when you check-out. | |verb | | | |Complimentary |Gra- |All of our rooms have complimentary soap, shampoo, and coffee.| |adjectif |tuit | | |cot, rollaway bed |lit, lit pliant |If you need an extra bed, we have cots available. | |noun | |...
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