Vishnu Summary

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Vishnu: The preserver and protector of the universe
He is part of the Hindu triumvirate, which includes Brahman (creator of the universe), Shiva (the destroyer), and Vishnu. His role is to return to the earth in troubled times and restore the balance of good and evil. So far, he has been incarnated nine times, but Hindus believe that he will be reincarnated one last time close to the end of this world. Some people consider him the greatest god and therefore only worship him. People who do this are usually called Vaishnava, while the monotheism religion of Vishnu is called Vaishnavism. He is particularly associated with light and especially with the Sun, however in early texts he is not included as one of the original seven solar gods. Then in later texts he is said to be the leader of them. From this time on Vishnu gained a higher and higher standing, until finally he is considered the most important. Vishnu is represented with a human body, often with blue coloured skin and with four arms. His hands always carry four objects in them, representing the things he is responsible for. * The conch: the sound this produces 'Om', represents the primeval sound of creation * The chakra, or discus: symbolises the mind

* The lotus flower: an example of glorious existence and liberation * The mace: represents mental and physical strength
(These many times can have many more meanings then are here, but these are the main ones and are what are usually associated with these objects.) 1. Matsya (fish)
* Some Hindus believe that this is the similar to the biblical representation of Noah 2. Kurma (turtle)
* Churning of the Ocean
3. Varaha (pig/boar)
* In this avatar, Vishnu recovered the stolen Vedas
4. Narasimha (half lion, half man)
* Vishnu managed to vanquish a demon who had gained immunity from attacks from man, beast or god 5. Vamana (dwarf sage with the ability to grow)
* In...
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