Victimology Midterm

Topics: Crime, Criminology, Reagan assassination attempt Pages: 3 (680 words) Published: May 23, 2012
CJS 430 Victimology Midterm

1. Explain victimology
Victimiology is the scientific study of the victim’s plight, the criminal justice systems responses, and the publics reactions; a branch of criminology

2. Explain the difference between Victimology and Criminology. Give examples of each. Criminology and victimology differ in several important ways. Criminology is several hundred years old, victimology didn’t emerge until the secon half of the 20th century. Criminologists believe that additional sources of suffering are worthy of systematic analysis and victimologyists believe that their studies should remain focused on criminal victimization.

3. Define post-traumatic stress disorder.
A persistent, recurring, intense emotional reaction that is triggered by a highly unusal crisis such as a violent crime.

4. Explain the Brady Bill, Amber Alerty system, and Megan’s Law. The Brady Bill is named after James Brady, President Reagan’s press secretary, who was shot in 1981 by an assassin trying to kill the president. The federal legislation passed by Congress imposes restrctions on gun purchases that are intended to head-off shootings by unstable individuals eager to get their hands on a firearm. The Amber Alert system was named after an abducted girl who was killed by a sexual predator; it provides federal funding that enables the authorities to used the media to quickly disseminate descriptions of the kidnapper, the child, and any vehicle they are traveling in. Megan’s Law is named after a little girl slain by her new neighbor, a habitual child molester. It mandates that community residents be notified of the arrival of foreraly incarcerated sex offenders, so that parents can take measures to better shield their children from potentially dangerous strangers.

5. What is meants by the rediscovery of crime victims?
The rediscovery of crime victims is a process of providing assistance and help to those on the receiving end of violence...
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