User Research and Data Analysis

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User research and data analysis

Genius design may be attractive for both users (or clients) and designers as well. Every designer has imagined, at least once, that a genius idea built out of just “talent” can lead to instant success. However, to design in the real world requires much more than talent. Every design project has its own needs and path to follow, and since the principal aim should be the fulfillment of users needs and desires according to the nature of the project, deep user knowledge is critical.

As we saw in Week 2, there are several methods for acquiring this knowledge and storing it. In my experience, in little projects and few members in the design process, it is easy to understand the user, other team members’ ideas and come up with fresh solutions. But the more complicated and multitask the project is, the more difficult is to organize and analyze the collected data.

I decided to investigate more about which methods are used in big companies and more important how data is linked and analyzed.

The article I found is focused on the development of a knowledge manage system for storing and using data in the process of a user-centered design for the next generation appliances. It covers research examples of Phillips, Marcus and Chen, Motorola and other companies, and how does a user knowledge system would help in the design process by sharing, organizing, accumulating and acquiring knowledge.

First, I will talk about two different research methods that I found interesting. Phillips Visions of the Future (1998), used scenario based method to develop ideas for NGIAs. Based on socio-cultural and technological research, teams of many different experts (from agronomists to graphic designers) developed scenarios and then 60 short stories with product and concept use. They found time, space, objects and circumstances as parameters and grouped the concepts on four categories: personal, public, domestic and mobile. However, this method...
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