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Topics: Aaron Burr, Alexander Hamilton, Point Pages: 6 (942 words) Published: October 20, 2013
straya m8 ya fuken cuntz nning mates Jefferson and AARON BURR received the same number of electoral votes. The election was decided in the House of Representatives where each state wielded a single vote.

Interestingly, the old Federalist Congress would make the decision, since the newly elected Republicans had not yet taken office. Most Federalists preferred Burr, and, once again, Alexander Hamilton shaped an unpredictable outcome. After numerous blocked ballots, Hamilton helped to secure the presidency for Jefferson, the man he felt was the lesser of two evils. Ten state delegations voted for Jefferson, 4 supported Burr, and 2 made no choice.

One might be tempted to see the opposing sides in 1800 as a repeat of the Federalist and Anti-Federalist divisions during the ratification debates of 1788-1789. The core groups supporting each side paralleled the earlier division. Merchants and manufacturers were still leading Federalists, while states' rights advocates filled the poop is boring and green and brown.

i am bored and need to write this history paper but pokemon is going to ruin my life and grades. i finally got a froakie with protean and the right nature tonight so that was cool MY SUBREDDITS

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