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• Movie starts with a old clip of an adventurer with a small boy. The boy whishes' to be like him.
• He wants to belong among explorers
• Meets another child want to be adventurer and they belong together with the same dreams.
• Fall in love and get married
• Belong with each other, with their own quirks
• Decide to save up to go to paradise falls
• Grow old together
• His wife gets hurt and cant go away
• She dies
• Old man all alone
• Repeats his previous routine, doesn't want to move on.
• House in the middle of a construction site.
• He refuses to belong within the community of the new city.
• Wants to keep belonging with his old community
• Meets Russel
• Another explorer
• He wants to belong within the explorer community
• Hits a man. In trouble might lose his home
• Doesn't think he will belong in the old people's home

• Old people home com to pick him up
• Releases balloons and fly's his home away
• Trying to get to paradise falls
• Russell is on the porch
• He lets him inside
• They belong together because of their sense of adventure
• Run into a storm
• Russell throws away GPS hahahha
• House hits the ground.
• They get thrown off, they nearly fall off a cliff
• Mr Fredrickson and Russel are learning to belong with each other
• WHAT DO YOU KNOW ----> they are in paradise falls!!!
• Russell and Mr Fredrickson work together to get the house over to the other side

• Russel meets bird called Kevin
• Meets DUG!!!!!!!!!
• Russel enjoys the birds quirkiness
• The bird and the dog follow them
• Mr fredrickson doesn't belong with the animals and wants them gone.
• Russell admits him about his bad relationship with his parents .
• He is un-belonging among his own family
• But Russell starts to belong among his new family with the old man and animals
• Bird leaves, and evil dogs come and to collect it
• 'Master' brings the group back to his base
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