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School of Business
Bachelor Of Science In Business With
Small Business Management And
Entrepreneurship Certificate
The Bachelor of Science in Business (BSB) undergraduate
degree program is designed to prepare graduates with the
requisite knowledge, skills, and values to effectively apply various business principles and tools in an organizational setting. The BSB foundation is designed to bridge the gap between theory
and practical application, while examining the areas of
accounting, critical thinking and decision-making, economics, finance, business law and ethics, management, marketing,
organizational behavior, business statistical techniques, and information systems. Students are required to demonstrate a
comprehensive understanding of the undergraduate business
curricula through an integrated topics course.

Required Course of Study
The Bachelor Of Science In Business With Small Business
Management And Entrepreneurship Certificate requires a
minimum of 120 credits, which may come from a combination of required and elective courses.
COM295 Business Communication
This course introduces students to the foundations of
communication in a business setting. After completion of this course, students will be able to identify the types and purposes of various business documents; create messages using appropriate channels for delivery based on context, audience and purpose; understand the effect of technology, such as social media, on business communication; and identify ethical, cross-cultural, and multinational issues in business communication. (3 credits)

Prerequisites: HUM115
BIS220 Introduction To Computer Applications And Systems
This course provides an overview of Business Information
Systems. Students learn to apply Microsoft® Office tools
including word processing, spreadsheet, database, and
presentation software to accomplish business objectives. Other topics include uses of application software and the Internet for effective problem...
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