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Topics: Scientific method, Statistics, Sociology Pages: 2 (320 words) Published: May 27, 2013
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Week Five Quiz

Terms and Definitions matching

_C__Statistics_N__Discrete variable
_ __Statistics_S_Continuous variable
_J__Population_ F__Qualitative data
_L__Population parameters__R_Quantitative data
_O__Representative sample _Q__Median
_P__Experimental study_T__Unimodal
__A_Observational study__K_Relative frequency
_I__Double-blind study_E__Standard deviation

a. XXX A study in which researchers measure or observe characteristics of the sample members b. XXX Any problem in study design that tends to favor certain results c. Xxx Science of collecting, organizing, and interpreting data d. Xxx The most common value in a distribution

e. XXX A single number commonly used to describe the variation in a data distribution f. Xx Data consisting of values that describe the non-numerical categories g. XXX Subset of the population from which data is obtained h. XXX The sum of all values divided by the total number of values i. XXX Neither the participants nor the experimenters know who is in the treatment group or control group j. Xxx The complete set of people or things being studied k. XXX For any data category, the fraction or percentage of the total frequency that falls in that category l. Xxx The data that describe or summarize information

m. Specific characteristics of the population
n. Xxx Quantitative data that can take on only particular values and not other values in between o. XXXA sample in which the relevant characteristics of the members are generally the same as the characteristics of the population p. XXX A study in which researchers apply a treatment and then observe its effects on the subjects q. XXXThe middle value in a sorted data set

r. Xxx Data consisting of values representing counts or measurements s. Xxx Quantitative data that can...
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