Unit 5001 Unit 5001- Personal Development as a Manager and Leader

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Joanna Speed
Unit 5001- Personal Development as a manager and leader

A.C. 1.1
Continual Self-Development is the approach where an individual takes prime responsibility and ownership for their own learning and development. This approach requires motivation and commitment in order to exploit learning opportunities and minimise the impact of weakness. A continuing self-development should be undertaken in partnership with the organisation and self-development should enhance the role held within the organisation. There are many benefits to be derived from continual self-development: improve performance and self-confidence; identify and develop specific skills and qualities; increase learning capacity; help achieve potential. There are many benefits to an organisation if continual self-development is promoted; the workforce will become more skilled and there will be less staff turnover. Staff who are given training opportunities are more likely to feel valued and therefore will be more committed to the organisation. Continual professional development will also help greatly with succession planning within the organisation as it is better to promote talent from within the organisation than to recruit externally. Staff who have been given training opportunities will naturally be more dedicated to the aims and objectives of the organisation as they will feel valued. It is important that the business plan objectives of the organisation are taken into consideration when building a Personal Development Plan, as any personal development should complement the organisation’s plans. If the business is implementing any new systems or procedures that require specialist training then this should be built into the training plan along with any inspirational training that an individual requires. A.C. 1.2

Working as General Manager I am responsible for the Support Services Team who maintain non-clinical services in the hospital. The team is made up of three individual smaller teams who are combined under the Support Services umbrella. I have worked with a Management role for many years and have no formal qualifications in Management; I have just picked up skills by doing the job. My original role was as Catering Manager, for which I had a wealth of experience and qualifications, and by showing that I was committed to the hospital I was able to move upwards through the organisation. I have undertaken a lot of professional development over the years, attaining qualifications in Food Hygiene and Health and Safety, which are vital to my role, along with on-job training and acquired knowledge. Having conducted a skills audit with my indirect Manager I have identified that I have many strengths and some weaker points which can form the basis of a Personal Development Plan. My strengths in the role are that I am very organised, able to meet deadlines and exceed expectations. I am highly regarded within the organisation as someone who gets things done, and people trust me to do a good job. I have built an effective, Support Services Team who achieve results and able to work using their own initiative. Having only recently taken over management of the Catering Department I have yet to make as much progress with this department as I would like. I have the knowledge required to ensure that all the legal aspects of running a kitchen are covered but I still need to develop the team and integrate them into the Holy Cross Team. The areas that require development are conducting meetings and writing reports – I do have to conduct meetings regularly, and write reports for the Management Team, so this will be beneficial to the organisation if I develop my skills in this area. A.C. 1.3

The Hospital has a very effective Training and Development Plan and encourages Managers to take responsibility for their own Development. By undertaking this qualification I will be developing my effectiveness as a Manager, underpinning knowledge and acquiring new...

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