Unit 23 Musical Instruments for Children

Topics: Nursery rhyme, Musical instrument, Activity Pages: 2 (693 words) Published: March 7, 2013
Award, Certificate and Diploma in Caring for Children Level One Scheme of work for CFC 23: Musical Activities for Young Children. (QCF) January 2013-February 2013
Tutor: Melissa. Hastie.
In class support: Laura Caruth (LC), every Monday

Unit AimThe aim of this unit is to enable the learner to gain an understanding of musical activities for young children| DateWeek beg.| Learning Outcomes| Activities/Learning experiences| Equality and Diversity| Resources| Week 18/01/13| Introduce the unit/sowDefinitions of key termsLearning Outcome 1 Task 1Know the benefits of musical activities for young children(Booklet)(LC to give in class support to identified ALS learners)Musical activities and children’s all round development: P.I.L.E.S (value and learning through musical activities)Musical activities for young childrenMusical shakers| Define music/activitiesIdentify own musical interests/how does music make you feel?Identify musical instruments/identify different musical activities and how they promote holistic development Q & AMusical patterns: ‘sing’ music patterns using body actions and voiceSing Nursery Rhymes and cultural rhymesList benefits of musical activities for young children Q& AMake musical shakers (Creative studies session)| Terminology and definitions of words, check comprehensionNames of musical instruments in different languagesInclude cultural rhymes, encourage learners to sing rhymes from their own cultureConsider children with special educational needsConsider age and stage of children| Dictionaries/mobile phoneClass notesPens paper booksHandoutsIWBWorksheets YouTube videos:Nursery Rhymes’, How to make musical shakers’ Plastic bottles/cupsSellotapeRice/beans/buttons/pasta, etc.Decorative materials, PVA glue, paint.Task 1 assessment guidelines| Week 215/01/13| 1.1 List musical activities suitable for children aged: * Babies under 6 months * Young Children 1-2 years * Young Children 3-5 * years1.2 Identify the...
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