Uni 220 Syllabus

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UNI 220: Academic Refresher

UNI220: Academic Refresher is a one-credit hour course designed to assist students in creating strategies for success in their academic lives. The unique course employs dynamic in-class activities, collaborative learning, supplemental instruction (SI), and journal writing which requires consistent reflection and participation. The course is taught from an “organic perspective,” which is student/content centered. Students are the most important contributors to the educational environment. To enable the students and the instructor to have frequent and meaningful interaction with each other and with the group, class size is limited to 20 students per section. You will receive a letter grade for UNI 220, but no +/- will be granted


E-mail: James.Lewis.1@asu.edu Office: UASB 127A Office Hours: Blackboard


• eBook: • Downing, Skip. On Course: Strategies for Creating Success in College and in Life. 6th Ed. Boston: Houghton Mifflin Company, 2011. • IMPORTANT: The textbook required for this class is offered as a rentable eBook from www.CengageBrain.com. The On Course eBook includes features like highlighting, note taking, searching, printing, and mobile access. To purchase or rent the book: • A. Copy and paste the following URL in your web browser: http://www.cengagebrain.com/shop/isbn/9781439082171 • B. Make sure you are purchasing the eBook On Course (6th ed.) written by Skip Downing.  • C. Add the digital eBook to your shopping cart and follow the purchase instructions.  • D. If you have any questions related to the eBook go to the Cengage support page: http://www.cengagebrain.com/shop/Support.html • A planner or personal calendar in paper form • An ASU e-mail account and reliable internet access • A 3-ring binder (1-1-1/2”) for all your course materials

Through their participation in this course, students will: • Explore personal and academic strengths and barriers that impact success • Identify and utilize university resources available to support success at ASU. • Acquire and enhance academic skills necessary for success in the university. • Discover ways to stay on course to meet academic goals.

• • • • • • • • • Responsibility and choice/self-management Self-assessment Academic success strategies Mindset connections Procrastination Diagnosing barriers Creating networks Identifying patterns Embracing change

UNI 220 Academic Refresher

UNI 220: Academic Refresher
ATTENDANCE: Because much of the learning in UNI 220 takes place via classroom activities and group interaction, attendance is taken at the beginning of every class and is an integral part of your UNI 220 grade. If you are not on time to class, you may be marked absent. Consistent with University standards, more than two absences may result in an ‘E’ (failing the course) on your transcript. At some point, if you choose to discontinue the course, you must drop the course officially. The instructor will not drop you. If your name appears on the roster at the end of the semester, but you have stopped coming to class, you will receive a grade that reflects all missed work.

• Participate throughout every class meeting. • Discussion is not only encouraged but necessary to facilitate a fulfilling classroom experience. Your active participation in classroom discussions is an integral part of your final grade. Because engagement with campus resources is also a critical part of academics, students are able to earn up to half of their participation points (50 points) for completing one or more of the following: • Attend the PASS program (10 points, freshmen only). • Utilize a campus resource, provide proof of attendance, and complete the “Campus Resource Usage Form” found on the Blackboard. Examples of appropriate campus resources would be the Writing Center, tutoring, Supplemental Instruction (SI), the Financial Aid office, the...
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