Undertake Both Hardware and Computer Based Maintenance Tasks on a Computer System.

Topics: File system, Backup, Computer data storage Pages: 5 (2186 words) Published: April 2, 2013
Organisation and naming of files:
This is important as it allows people to have organisation on their device. It also helps people to see where each file is and they can locate it without any problems. It’s also important as files can be lost if they are all mixed up and can stop people from getting their work and any other files which they may need. By being able to organise the files that you need allows you access them a lot easier for example you can make folders for each subject or year, and that way you know where all your documents are. This can be done for media such as music as well, so it’s not just documents. This task is carried out by choosing the file you want to change and then right clicking and finding the ‘rename’ tab. Once you have clicked on that then you are able to clear the current name and then erase and then change it into the one that you want. You can also right click and go to the ‘new’ tab which then says ‘folder’. You can create folders, sub folders and also new documents, this a shortcut. This is carried out so that it helps people organise their work and other files so they are not all over the place and they are able to access them easily. This also helps people sort out their memory as they don’t have any files that they don’t need just laying around and they can rename them so that they know they still need them. This task impacts the system and its importance as people know what they need and can save memory which will make their computer faster. Back-up procedures e.g. online, off-line; backup media:

This is important because if you do not back up any of your work then if you change anything around then you could lose all this work. This can be done through many forms such as online sites such as Dropbox, or USB sticks or data discs. This can be carried through uploading files online on dropbox.com or adding an usb stick and adding a CD drive so that you can move your files onto here, so they are safe and ready for you to use when you need to. You must make sure you have enough memory on your device so you can back all your data up. Backing up is done so that people do not lose any important files which they need and are able to access them when they need. If they were not backed up and you updated your device or created folders then these will all be lost. This will affect the use of system and its performance as if they wanted to update it and everything got deleted then all this files will be backed up and can be bought back. This can be for programmes as well as files, so anything that they need to back up can be done . This will affect the system as they may update it and lose valuable programmes but they will all be backed up so they have nothing to worry about.

Automatic scheduling and deletion of unwanted data:
This is important because by deleting any unwanted data you are freeing up space on your disk. By scheduling it this makes it more reliable as you may forget to and the device will do it automatically. This can be it deleting any files which you may need in a folder and also setting your virus checker so that it automatically scans your computer for threats. This can be carried out by opening up your anti-virus and then going to its settings. You can choose how often you want it to check and also you can set a specific time and date which is best for you. To delete files you can just open it up on a window and go through the ones you want to delete and delete them all. It is carried out because it saves time for the user and also it can be beneficial if they don’t have time or don’t use the computer a lot and by setting it as automatic, it will do it by itself and the user won’t have to do a thing. For deleting any files this is done so that you are not using up your disk memory with stuff that you do not need. This affects its performance because if you delete any unwanted files then you are freeing up disk space which you can use on the items that you use and...
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