Understand Sensory Loss (Ss Mu 3.1)

Topics: Blindness, Visual impairment, Hearing impairment Pages: 8 (2363 words) Published: July 17, 2013
1. Understand the factors that impact on an individual with sensory loss

1.1 Analyse how a range of factors can impact on individuals with sensory loss Impact on communication

Sensory losses can affect on normal living in a variety of ways. These can be hidden disability which can ultimately result in social isolation and frustration due to not being able to communicate efficiently. In case of hearing loss, day-to-day activities such as hearing a doorbell, using the telephone, watching television or taking part in conversations can build a sense of discomfort and inadequacy. On the other hand, those who have vision impairment cannot distinguish faces during face to face talk, feel difficulty in watching TV and reading time on the clock. Being unable to watch properly they suffer from a sense of inferiority complex and social withdrawal. These problems become worse in case of dual sensory loss. Additionally hearing loss interrupts face-to-face communication and leads older people to lose interest in everyday activities; in turn it makes them to miss most of necessary information provided by their physician, carer or family member. In such cases older people with impaired hearing often rely on their eyesight to comprehend conversation. In conversation, they watch the other person’s face and lips to have clues. Then they use these clues about the context and try to respond in accordance with the context. People with impaired dual senses find it difficult to identify the clues used by speaker in the conversation. Such people do not have even ability to read lips to get clues to comprehend information provided. Due to this inability to get information such people suffer from lack of information. Impact on information

Like other human being, people with a sensory impairment also need information whether written or spoken. For example a person with vision loss needs to see his prescription, wants to see his own bank statement and want to see his own personal letter. If such people get help of someone else for reading their personal information, it can harm their confidence and dignity. Moreover, people with a hearing loss may need access to information that is not in a written format. For example they need to listen to telephone, face-to-face information.

Impact on familiar layouts and routines
An extensive loss of vision can result in a number of losses for example: an inability to negotiate the environment, a loss of sense of freedom, a loss of sense of security and a loss of control in the environment. Due to these losses people may feel dependent on others. In the same way hearing loss causes its own problems with difficulty hearing information, following conversation or asking for directions. It can also result in isolation if someone is habitual of listening to radio or TV program. Those who are habitual of talking on phone or gossiping with friends may also feel difficulty in conversation. One of the impact of cost of assistive devices is also there which affects the lives of people with sensory losses Impact on mobility

People with dual sensory loss face many problems in mobility. For instance blind people need some assistance to move from one place to another, they need to use a white cane which indicate visual sensory loss. Most of the times they find it difficult to see their general physician and miss their appointment due to unavailability of companion.

1.2 Analyse how societal attitudes and beliefs impact on individuals with sensory loss Indeed Societal attitudes and beliefs have some effects on individual with sensory loss. In common societal attitudes and beliefs have negative effects on individual with sensory loss. Society have different attitudes towards different sensory losses. For example people think that such people cannot perform their tasks in a way as normal people can perform. Secondly people have their preoccupied mind that such individual are more sensitive and do not have...
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