Truth About the First Thanksgiving

Topics: Native Americans in the United States, Plymouth, Massachusetts, Pilgrim Pages: 3 (527 words) Published: February 26, 2013

When was the country we know now as the United States first settled? 1620 = omit Spanish, Dutch, Indians and the French
First Pilgrims = Spanish Settlers
introduced horses, cattle, sheep, pigs, etc.
providing basic elements of cowboy culture
should be like 1 million BCE
problem: “settlers” = white

Scarcity of disease in the Americas
super healthy condition
no livestock = no diseases from them ; no immunity/never exposed to it low social density
encounter a bunch of people, but they would be the same people no new coming contacts
some places had high social density - ex. Inca (had roads)
really clean; they bathe
Europeans don’t bathe, don’t even change their clothes (gross) but then they were able to build up resistance to diseases...

the Plague
note: came earlier than the settlers came
wiped out between 90% of the 96% of the inhabitants of coastal New England John Winthrop called the plague “miraculous”
Native Americans consequences
lost faith in their gods
surrender to alcohol, convert to Christianity, or committed suicide

“If colonists had not been able to occupy lands already cleared by Indian farmers who have vanished, colonization would have proceeded much more slowly. If Indian culture had not been devastated by physical and psychological assaults it had suffered, colonization might not have proceeded at all”

europeans were never able to “settle” in China, India, Japan, Indonesia, or much of Africa* because too many people already lived there
Plague was required in order for the Europeans to settle
even with their advantages in military and social technology -- they could dominate, as we see later on in the future --but not “settle”

Mayflower - true or false
different reasons for ending up in cape cod instead of virginia navigation error
bad weather/storm
on purpose ***
why everything doesn’t really work except on purpose
hijack = put pilgrims in a dishonorable light
storm =...
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