Treason Against Troy

Topics: Trojan War, Iliad, Achilles Pages: 2 (777 words) Published: October 29, 2013
How far would you go if someone took everything from you, what would you do to get it back? Would you use your past skills to find and kill the one that took everything, would you go to your brother, who just so happens to be High King of Greece, and call for a mass invasion? Well Menelaus did get everything taken from him, well, maybe not everything, just Helen, his lovely wife and a large amount of his gold. Paris is the reason for the Trojan War, Paris is the reason for the destruction of his home. Paris IS guilty of treason against Troy.

Now imagine this, you are now the brother of the High King of Greece, you yourself is the King of Sparta, you are married to the most beautiful woman on the planet (or guy, it is legal now) and you are very wealthy. You are away from home, after having Paris and Hector in your company, at a funeral grieving the death of Catreus and on arrival you learn that Paris abducted your wife and stole a large sum of gold from you. You just lost everything, again, how far would you go to get everything back? Well you go to your brother and call for a mass invasion of Troy, and after a long 10 years of war, the Greeks finally penetrate the walls of Troy and destroy it. Lets now rewind 10 years, if Paris didn’t take Helen from you and your money, this would have never happened. Paris is the reason for the war and guilty of treason against Troy.

First off, Paris is a thief, he abducted Helen, granted she may have agreed to go, nevertheless, Paris still took Helen from Menelaus, I mean the Trojan prince couldn’t have settled for the second most beautiful woman, or at least a woman that wasn’t married. Paris, when taking Helen, also decided he wanted to take a large sum of gold from Menelaus. If Paris wanted wealth, why didn’t he choose Hera, Hera was not only power but wealth, a lot more wealth than what he took from the Spartan King. Enraged by this, Menelaus went to Agamemnon and asked for an invasion of Troy and Agamemnon...
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